DURA-GRIP(TM) Furniture Gripper Adds New Colors

DURA-GRIP(TM) furniture gripper has been available in one color and is now available in two more colors. Due to customer request, the company has added a tan and grey color to its DURA-GRIP(TM) line of furniture gripper pads and floor protectors.

dura-grip rubber furniture gripper

DURA-GRIP(TM) is now available in other colors to better compliment more floors. Here is the new tan color suitable for most wood floors.

The new colors contain the same dense fiber center and natural rubber exterior surfaces, yet contain a slightly different texture within the rubber. The original, purple, DURA-GRIP(TM) contains a large hexagonal like patter within the rubber. These new colors contain a finer pattern within the rubber that sets them apart slightly from the original. The intent is that these new colors are meant to be used under household furniture, such as sectionals, chairs and beds, to prevent them from moving and sliding. The original DURA-GRIP(TM) does all of this plus can also be used under heavier conditions, such as under medical equipment. The larger texture within the rubber allows it to stop even heavy machinery and equipment from moving.

These new colors added to the product line allow customers more choice to match their floors better. The tan seems to be an excellent compliment to most wood floor finishes, while the grey is working nicely on stone, certain tile, concrete and other similar floors. All three DURA-GRIP(TM) gripper pads can be used safely on all floors, do not require sticking or nailing and can be moved anytime you need to use them elsewhere.

Visit www.duragripfurnturegrippers.com for more on DURA-GRIP(TM).


DURA-GRIP(TM) Chosen To Stop Machine Vibrations

DURA-GRIP(TM) has recently been chosen by various medical practices to use under medical machines to stop the common vibration associated with the function of such machines. Various medical professionals have put their trust in DURA-GRIP(TM) to use under machines that sit on tile, vinyl or wood floors.

dura-grip furniture gripper pad

DURA-GRIP(TM), the gripper pad that stops furniture from moving, has been chosen by medical practices to use under medical equipment and machinery to stop humming noise and vibrations.

Apparently, there are some machines, as efficient as they are, when turned on can create a humming sound, as well as vibrations. DURA-GRIP(TM) is available in various sizes of round and square shapes to significantly reduce and prevent such machine noise and vibration by way of absorbing the pressure from the machine. Several medical practices have tested DURA-GRIP(TM) to find that this gripper pad successfully prevents the all too common vibrations that are emitted from these machines.

DURA-GRIP(TM) is made by Rug Pad Corner and was originally intended, and still is, to use under furniture to stop it from moving and sliding on all types of hard floor surfaces. The gripper pad is made of a compressed felt center with solid rubber layers on each side. The combination of the dense felt and textured rubber works to truly stop any furniture from moving. Now, with new testing, it has been discovered that these same DURA-GRIP(TM) furniture gripper pads are successful at stopping vibration sounds and movements from machines, particularly medical machines.

DURA-GRIP(TM) can be seen at www.rugpadcorner.com and www.duragripfurnituregrippers.com and is available in sizes of 2 inch to 8 inch round and square. Custom sizes and shapes are also available to accommodate the furniture or machine it is to be used under.

How to Stop Your Recliner From Sliding on Your Floor

As if DURA-GRIP(TM) does not perform well enough to stop most furniture from moving and sliding, it has now been discovered to stop any recliner from moving and sliding on any hard floor surface. Anyone who uses a recliner on a floor would know about the problem of reclining the chair only to find some movement. DURA-GRIP(TM) is now made in custom sizes based on the base of each recliner.

DURA-GRIP furniture gripper works better than any other furniture floor pad at stopping any furniture from moving. Until recently, this gripper pad was only available for common sizes of furniture legs, from 2 inches to 8 inches round and square. Rug Pad Corner, the makers of DURA-GRIP(TM) are now making this effective gripper pad in any size required for each recliner. To stop a recliner from moving, DURA-GRIP(TM) is made to place under the actual base of the recliner that sits on the floor. The recliner bases can be square, round or rectangular and the company will custom make whatever is necessary for the recliner.

Visit www.duragripfurnituregrippers.com or www.rugpadcorner.com for the DURA-GRIP(TM) recliner grippers. You may have to call to request your order and the company will custom cut and ship within two business days. They can be reached at 888-400-7098.

Dura-Grip Rated Best Floor Protector

Best Rubber Floor Protector
Try Dura-Grip(TM) to protect any hard
floor surface. Natural rubber – Free shipping

Let’s face it, most of us have had those wood floor dents or scratches from our furniture moving around on our hardwood or wood floors. The felt rug pads of the world seem to hang on for a little while before they peel off and stop working. Dura-Grip(TM) furniture floor protectors are one of the only answers to truly preventing floor damage due to furniture movement on the floor.

Unlike other floor protectors, Dura-Grip(TM) is an extremely dense 1/2″ thicl floor protector that resists any amount of weight on top of it. The top and lower surfaces are made of a natural rubber that grab onto and hold the furniture to the floor. The middle of the pad consists of a dense, compact fiber that will stop any furniture from denting the floor. And, since Dura-Hold(TM) is so strong as if the furniture is nailed to the floor, it prevents any furniture, regardless of size and weight, from scratching the floor becuase it eliminates any direct furniture contact with the floor.

Dura-Grip(TM) was tested under many conditions in many homes and the results were consistent with the fact that this floor protector was like no other used before. Under sofs, sectionals, chairs, beds and tables, Dura-Grip(TM) stopped all furniture in their place and prevented any movement whatsoever! When the furniture is not able to move, then it is not able tom scratch then floor.

And, unlike most other floor protectors, since Dura-Grip(TM) contains a natural rubber on each surface, it does not need to be glued on, ehence eliminating the sticky mess of other protectors.

Dura-Grip(TM) floor protectors are considered the best rubber floor protectors and can only be found online at Dura-Grip Furniture Grippers. These pads are made to order and ship for free within the contiguous United States. Visit the web site and see why Dura-Grip(TM) is considered to be the best wood, hardwood and all hard surface floor protector available today.

Rubber Furniture Floor Pad and Protector

rubber furniture floor pad, gripper and protector

Dura-Grip uses all natural rubber to protect floors under furniture

Dura-Grip Rubber Furniture Gripper

One of the only rubber furniture floor pads that truly protects all floors from furniture scratches and damage.

Made in USA, Dura-Grip contains rubber on bot sides that grabs and holds furniture and to the floor. Dura-Grip is rated as best rubber furniture floor protector under any weight and size of furniture.

Order Dura-Grip Rubber Furniture Gripper, Floor Protectot Now

Best Way To Stop Furniture From Sliding

Dura-Grip Stops Furniture from Sliding
Guaranteed to stop all furniture from moving
and sliding. No adhesives or nails

We keep speaking about how Dura-Grip truly is the best way to stop furniture from moving and sliding on any floor and it is true. We recently heard from a woman who had to tell us her story about how she just spent over four hundred dollars to fix a wall in her son’s bedroom due to the bed hitting it every time he went into his bed.

Mary stated that her son’s twin size bed has a nice size headboard and every time he went into bed or jumped off his bed, the bed would slide on the floor and hit the wall. While trying various types of slip prevention pads, the bed continued to slide and move into the wall. After some months of this, the wall started to show signs of holes from the headboard, which Mary recently had fixed and then painted to the tune of about $400.

Dura-Grip furniture grippers

Dura-Grip is the best way to stop beds and all furniture from moving and sliding on the floor

After fixing the bedroom wall, Mary was determined to avoid this from happening again and she almost resorted to nailing the bed to the floor! She then stumbled across a review online for Dura-Grip furniture grippers, so she thought to give them a try as a last resort. She ordered a set of 8, they arrived within a few days and she was pleasantly surprised to find that these pads didn’t need to be glued on. She simply placed a Dura-Grip under each bed leg and that was the simplest answer to her problem.

The Dura-Grip furniture grippers stopped her son’s bed from sliding and moving when nothing else did. She still can’t believe that even if her son jumps onto his bed, the bed does not slide at all! Dura-Grip truly stops the bed from moving, sliding and shifting on the floor, avoiding it from hitting the wall.

Mary, like many others, has asked us to promote the fact that Dura-Grip are the only pads that actually stopped the bed from moving and sliding. Dura-Grip furniture grippers truly are perhaps one of the only pads that actually work to stop any furniture from moving and sliding on any type of floor with any type of furniture. One of the best things about Dura-Grip is that they also withstand the test of time, as they continue to perform for much more time than any other pad of its type.

Dura-Grip Keeps Furniture from Sliding

Dura-Grip furniture floor pads have become one of the more popular pads to use under furniture to keep any furniture from sliding on any floor. Many people have written in to comment on how they are amazed with how Dura-Grip seems to work when nothing else does.

Dura-Grip stops furniture from sliding such as sofas, couches, sectionals, chairs, beds, tables and any type of furniture sitting in any type of hard floor surface. Dura-Grip prevents furniture sliding without the use of sticky adhesives or nails.

dura-grip furniture grippers stop furniture from sliding

Dura-Grip is the best pad to use to stop all furniture from slidingWhether it is a couch, sofa, sectional, bed, chair or any other furniture, it is important to prevent the furniture from sliding on the floor. Dura-Grip does just this with a uniquely textured rubber surface on both sides of the pad. Since the rubber texture naturally grips the furniture and floor, Dura-Grip does not use any sticky adhesives of any nails like other pads.

To Stop Furniture from Sliding:
Using Dura-Grip is simple. Place a Dura-Grip pad under any furniture leg that has a sliding problem. That’s it! There is no sticky or nailing of anything and Dura-Grip could be re-used at anytime in the future under any other furniture. And, since Dura-Grip is also a floor protector, it stops furniture from sliding and it protects all hardwood and wood floors from scratches and dents.

Stop your furniture from sliding with the best non-slip furniture grippers and protectors, Dura-Grip. Rug Pad Corner makes Dura-Grip pads in the USA in various sizes and shapes and ships orders within one business day for free. Visit Rug Pad Corner to learn how to keep your furniture from sliding on your floor.